POPOLI – Sandro Glaettli


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Fotografia di Sandro Glaettli
Testi di Luca Patocchi,
Ferdinando Scianna

Editore: Gabriele Capelli ed., 2005
29x29cm cm, 57 pagine
Rilegatura: Cartonato
Testi: inglese, italiano
No ISBN: 8887469431



9 disponibili

Cultural Writing. Photography. “Woods are at the heart of the legends–and thus of the fairytales–that have always accompanied European culture. And possibly all cultures.
Romanticism enshrouded woods with a melancholy aura that included the contemplation and memory of death.

Since then, woods and tombs have appeared naturally together.
Perhaps because woods,home to the most intense plant life, provide the perfect foil to our ephemeral centrality. This too can be seen in Sandro Glaettli’s photographs.
Yet more than anything we have the innocent vision of a Swiss boy for whom the woods are the very substance of life, the experience of beauty, the essence of silence”.
–Ferdinando Scianna.

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